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Are you a fashion retail owner?
Join now for a NEGORO membership by clicking the button below!

●●How to Join

Registration is mandatory for starting our partnership.

Since we are a wholesale fashion company, only fashion retailers may purchase from us.

Individuals and retailers not engaged in fashion industry are unqualified to register as our member.
But we are happy to help you where to buy our products. You can contact us from here.

To register as our member, click the APPLY button and fill in the application form and submit it. Also applicants are required to provide us pictures of your stores if your shop is physical, or your website address if your store is online.

See below for how to make this process.

***Remind you that retailers who do not handle any fashion-related items may not be accepted as our member.

●●How to send your pictures
  1. After having submitted the application, you will receive an email to your registered email address.
  2. Confirm no mistake has been made to your application, click the reply button.
  3. Simply reply to the email with the original message attached to it.
  4. Attach two pictures of your shop and one picture of yourself to the email.
  5. Finally, send the email and done!

●●Picture Guide
Offline Stores
  • Picture of store facade with your store name visible
  • Picture of store interior with your store items visible
  • Picture of yourself with full face in view

Send us these three photoes by email.

Online Stores
  • Let us know your website address.

Image Format and Size
  • Attachment pictures should be submitted in jpeg or bmg format.
  • Preferable image size is between 500*500px and 1000*1000px.
    One jpeg file size can take up 50KB to 400KB. Please be aware that you cannot send an email with exceeding file size limits (maximum size depends on your email software).